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Diagrams seem to be having something of a moment. Their usage in all branches of philosophy is well documented; from the hard edges of logic problems, to Lacanian Strips and Tori to the soft intensity of Deleuzean and Bergsonian planes of matter and experience….

I came across many in the last 12 months of studying the voice. Curious and often baffling attempts at mapping the intersecting spaces of body, subjectivity and sound, perhaps attempting to locate an elusive voco-fragment hovering within the blank and potential page which give space to the lacuna between these concepts; as if the only way to spot it is to compose a line of best fit amid the scattergun mess of crosses on the grid – one of which may hit the mark.
While the notion of a diagram as a pedagogic tool meant to clarify and enlighten is widely accepted, there are doubtlessly cases in which it might actually make things worse (see below!) – but perhaps again this has to do with gaps. Gaps in knowledge and an absence from t…

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